Plastics Europe to visit Carboliq's oiling plant

Visit from Brussels - meeting the value chain
Last week, Dr. Katharina Schlegel, Director Circularity at Brussel's association Plastics Europe, visited our industrial plant in Ennigerloh (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) to learn more about the Carboliq's oiling process.

Christian Haupts, Dr. Katharina Schlegel und Ralf Burgstahler “I am excited to see the technical readiness and performance of the plant, which converts plastic waste into a fossil crude oil substitute by means of chemical recycling” stated Katharina Schlegel.
The oil - traded as Carboliq Circular Liquid Resource - is used by the chemical industry for the production of new chemical products.
Carboliq is a frontrunner of circular economy proving complementarity of recycling technologies, as they use mixed plastic waste that cannot be mechanically recycled and would otherwise be incinerated. By processing this waste, Carboliq enables keeping the carbon in the loop and contributing to climate neutrality.
Learn more about Carboliq HERE
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CARBOLIQ is a subsidiary of      RECENSO GmbH
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