In 2020, CARBOLIQ was joined by SÜDPACK and COUNT on its path establishing a solution for the treatment of plastic waste. Thanks to their entrepreneural spirit the three parties took the lead on this track towards a more cirucular world.

In February 2021, the first truckload of CARBOLIQ Circular Liquid Resource (CLR) was shipped. The product was derived by converting mulitlayer film—a material that would go to incineration otherwise. Meanwhile, the processing runs on a continuous basis and assisted by COUNT's expertise in the market for base-chemicals, today CARBOLIQ serves Polymer Industry with a resource derived from mixed film waste delivered by SÜDPACK and its customers.

Links / References
SÜDPACK Verpackungen GmbH + Co. KG
Count Companies
Recenso GmbH
Plastics Europe - Sustainability - Circular Economy - Chemical Recycling


We Turn Waste into a Circular Resource

Entrepreneurs talk about their commitment to chemical recycling - visionaries talk

CARBOLIQ is a subsidiary of      RECENSO GmbH
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