CARBOLIQ is a one-stage process for liquefying solid hydrocarbons. It is characterized by the combined application of thermal, catalytic and mechanochemical (tribochemical) mechanisms as well as by its applicability to a wide range of input materials. The process energy is only introduced into the system through friction.

CARBOLIQ runs under atmospheric pressure and process temperatures below 400 ° C. The process achieves a high oil yield. Processing plastic waste produces only small amounts of gases. Solid process residues are either recycled or disposed of properly.

CARBOLIQ will be demonstrated on an industrial scale at the disposal center in Ennigerloh/Germany. The system installed there and operated in cooperation with the public waste disposal company ECOWEST is designed for the fully continuous processing of standard substitute fuels. It is approved as a recycling plant for fully continuous operation and has been certified according to ISCC-Plus according to the sustainability criteria since March 2021. The nominal capacity of the system is 2.5 Kto / a.

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PPORD REACH registration

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CARBOLIQ is a subsidiary of      RECENSO GmbH
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