CARBOLIQ markets the liquid conversion product under the name Circular Liquid Resource (CLR). It is always a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons. The product quality is essentially determined by the input material.

CARBOLIQ CLR has been registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in accordance with REACH regulations. At the moment, all sales are still in accordance with the rules for research and development (PPORD). The application for placing on the market as an “Intermediate” is ongoing.

Extensive internal and external analyzes document the product quality. Together with the proof of sustainability through the ISCC-Plus certificate and the elimination of waste properties, this is the prerequisite for supplying the polymer industry for the production of new, high-quality plastics.

Links / References
Eco20 analysis
Reach registration
ISCC plus certifikate

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CARBOLIQ is a subsidiary of      RECENSO GmbH
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