The demand for sustainable resources substituting fossil feedstock for polymer productions grows with high rates. Prognosis tell global demand in 2030 will top 100 millon tons.

To gain from this development, it is essential to bridge the gap between waste and chemical industries: Waste handling is a Service and it is highly regulated. So the primary intention of Waste Companies is to get the job done by following the rules and at lowest cost. In Chemical Industry systems and processes are precisely defined. It is all about compliance.


CARBOLIQ serves waste industry with equipment it can handle and Chemical Industry with products it is familiar with. By applying CARBOLIQ technology the value added by Chemical Recycling will be gained at the points of waste generation as it secures end-of-waste status and thus access to the market.

Markt l Market l Marché 01
CARBOLIQ is a subsidiary of      RECENSO GmbH
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