Cross border solutions in Chemical Recycling:
CARBOLIQ represents German waste-to-oil technology on Dutch-German networking event

Which opportunities arise in chemical recycling from cross-border cooperation with the Netherlands? This question will be the subject of an event on September 15, 2022, initiated by various industry associations and cluster organizations from the plastics and chemical industries, NRW ministries, the Dutch consulate and other institutes.

In addition to lectures, presentations and workshops, "power pitches" of German and Dutch companies are planned. Carboliq will be part of it, presenting our oiling plant in Ennigerloh, North Rhine-Westphalia. Our plant helps us demonstrate the technical possibility and competence to recover carbon from mixed/dirty plastic waste and make it available to the cycle again. Up to now, plastics of this kind can only be incinerated.

As a supplement to mechanical recycling, chemical recycling is considered to play an important role in making the plastics industry recyclable and climate-neutral.

At the event in Bottrop, participants will gain insights into the latest developments and innovations in the field of chemical recycling. Learn more about what is happening across the border in this area and where opportunities for cross-border cooperation exist. Make use of the "Business Matchmaking/ Networking Dinner" as a networking platform for all participants, associations, companies and politics.

Join the event and become part of cross-border solutions in chemical recycling

September 15, 2022
10:30 a.m. - 6:15 p.m.
Prosper Haniel Mines, Bottrop, NRW, Germany

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